The fastest way to meet the best candidates

Bring CVs to life with video recruitment.

Reinventing recruitment

Get to know the candidate before a face-to-face interview and fill your next position with us for only 9.95%* on hire.

It’s time to throw out the paper and visualise the candidate

We use the latest technology making the process simple and easy to understand. We highlight the relevant skills and the qualifications every candidate possesses in a clear and concise format. Our back office platform is an excellent tool that manages all applications to ensure you only see the top tier candidates eliminating time spent on screening CV’s.

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How it works

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We find and shortlist the best candidates first

All applicants go through extensive shortlisting to match the best talent during the first stage selection process.

we bring them to life with video interviews

Top candidates are pre-screened answering your questions through call to action prompts via webcam or mobile device which we condense into short clips. This encourages a reasonable and informed decision before spending time on a face to face interview.

watch, manage, and monitor in a unique portal

We present our top candidates for you to watch in our unique client portal. Feedback is gained and you decide on the candidates to meet. Our team will then organise the face to face interview with your top talent.

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We’re highly recommended

We join forces with our clients and get under the skin of their culture. We use this information to promote the vacancy, shortlist the best talent, and interview candidates answering your pertinent questions. This makes our process the most streamlined in the UK.